Making PPC Pay Its Way

Pay Per Click CollageAs advertising methods go, PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing is a cost-effective approach. It is relatively inexpensive compared with traditional print or television promotion and can be easily set up. There are numerous venues for PPC ads too, and Google is among them. While fairly cheap, that is only true if ads work for you. They have to pay their way or PPC ads start to look expensive. How do you make your PPC budget go further? Of course, our team at can help explain further when we meet, but let’s review some basics here.

Judicious Selection of Websites

Since you pay every time someone clicks on the ad, whether that person buys something or not, you want to make sure conversions are good. In other words, you want conversion rates to be in the double figures: 10% or more. The way to make that happen is to wisely choose where to post the ad. It might cost more than Yahoo at first, but if you arrange a deal with a WordPress or informational site dealing with products in your field, the people reading and browsing that site are already interested in products like yours. They aren’t just drawn to the ad because it’s attractive or because they’re bored and don’t care they just cost you money for nothing.

Create Eye-catching Ads

No one will click on your ad, however, if it doesn’t get their attention. Plan the colors and graphics carefully. Use your limited space to broadcast a direct, focused idea and an image that makes sense. Make it original and pertinent. Don’t try to be too clever about it though as the ad is going to be tweaked over time.

Multiple Ads

Consider posting your ad on more than one site and listing various versions. After a short time, analyze results for each one and choose a favorite. Analytics programs let you find out how many clicks each ad received and how many of those were converted into sales. When you have chosen a great ad, continue to upgrade and alter it so it is current and doesn’t grow stale in the eyes of readers. If the ad is changed a little periodically, people who ignored it before or clicked once and didn’t try again might be inspired to see what you have to offer.


Your PPC ads can be posted on your website, but that single site where you sell stuff shouldn’t be the only one. An effective web campaign involves running multiple pages such as a social media page, the main sales page, and a blog. Get the ad onto all of them because consumers aren’t all reading the same page.

With these techniques, you can turn a possibility into a reality. PPC marketing gets a lot of hype, but it only works for you if you get the formula right and continue to monitor an ad’s performance.