Your Website: DIY? Or Hire Us?

Web Design Collage ScreenshotSome jobs should only be done by professionals. Plumbing, electrical wiring, root canal, and heart surgery are four great examples. What about building a web page? Is website design so hard that a firm would pay thousands of dollars to have a professional do it? No one’s house, life, or teeth are at stake after all. Whether you outsource or do it yourself depends on the nature of your business and how much money is budgeted. We are proficient in design here at; however, let’s take a look at what you might really need, since every business is different.

DIY Pros and Cons

Browse the internet looking for things you ordinarily buy or services you use: dentistry, lawn care, pet food, restaurants and so on. Notice there are sites which appear similar to each other, at least in terms of format if not content. Certain pages seem to have been created from a template. After a while you can really see similarities in spite of different colors, fonts, and images. If your product or service is in line with these types of businesses and you think you could outline what you have to say and to offer in similar ways, then you could probably pay for a software program that lets you build a very simple website. Take a look at the ones that are most attractive to you and find a program that offers the same features.

Certain businesses are harder to nail down this way. They don’t follow a set pattern because they are unique. This is particularly true for companies which offer custom services or unusual products. Then again, if your industry is typical but you want to rise above the rest and have the money to hire a professional, then you could grab consumer attention with a fantastic site if it is user-friendly. You might have also noticed sites which got too fancy; too creative. Customers can’t use them, so they give up and try another website which, though dull, is easier to navigate.

Expert Pros and Cons

The obvious downside of hiring someone is that you have to pay money. It certainly can be considerable — several thousand dollars — to hire a person or team that knows what they are doing and doesn’t try to reinvent their field to seem clever. Look through resumes and see what else they have created. Try out those pages. Or, of course, give US a call at to see what we’ve done, and can do for you!

Positives of hiring experts include that you don’t have to set time side to create a site when this isn’t what you know best. Your industry is pet sitting, hair cutting, or catering. Even a template would be difficult to manage and would require more time than you have spare. At least with a professional at work you pay for a good job and get what you want without compromise. If this is a site unlike anything you have previously seen, you definitely need to hire an expert. Give us a call!